The objective of the work is to develop a “Toolbox” for governments that seek to increase the level of investments in clean energy within their country, for international organizations and civil society to provide relevant expertise and support for these governments, and for the investor community – public and private – to help identify and overcome barriers while demonstrating willingness to scale up their investments.

Organized around four general categories, the tools do not constitute a one-size-fits-all solution, they aim to be useful to varying markets across developing, emerging and developed countries. Open to continuing improvements, including through ongoing feedback from practitioners, the “Toolbox” should be seen as a pragmatic point of departure – building on many years of collective experiences – for a conversation about what works and how.

The “Toolbox” can be adopted and applied– either as a whole or parts thereof – by stakeholders across government, business, finance, institutions and civil society.

For the whole Toolbox, please see this document.

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