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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Invest in Solar Energy

Solar Energy Houston TX

You Should Invest In Solar Energy

Each year, in the US increasing numbers of users are turning towards solar power to lower their utility expenses. Naturally, the inexpensive cost to set up a solar grid today is one of the main factors that have led to the rise in the use of solar power panels.

Today, you can anticipate the cost of solar panels to be in Texas at about $6-8 per week. There are also rebates from the government as well as other incentives to help lower your costs. 

One of these programs can be found in The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which is commonly referred to as the solar tax credit for the federal government that can allow you to claim an income tax credit of 30 percent. rebate on the expense of installing solar panels.

If you’re seriously considering installing solar panels on your house, the very first thing to do is to learn more about the power it generates to understand how it functions and where to find an experienced installer in your area. 

When you have installed the solar panel for your home, you will be able to enjoy numerous benefits you can take advantage of including:


Because there are no moving components within solar panels it is not necessary to bring them in for regular maintenance. In fact, they could run for a long time before you’re required to wash off the dust and leaves off their surfaces. It’s an easy solution to your energy requirements.

Renewable energy

There is no reason to be concerned about solar energy becoming exhausted. The sun, being an astronomical star will run free of hydrogen someday. But, this could take between four and five billion years which is roughly eternity.

Flexibility and more freedom

With solar panels, you’ll be able to live your life in a remote village or any other location that you want. There is the option of installing a grid-tied system or being completely off-grid and completely self-sufficient. There are alternatives to depending solely on the grid.

It’s not expensive

As we mentioned solar panels are incredibly inexpensive. When you add in the electricity you purchase from the grid, solar energy might appear more expensive at first. 

But If you take the lifetime value of production that solar panels can offer in addition to the total installation cost, you’ll most likely discover that solar power is cheaper than fossil fuel.

When you install solar panels for your residential use in Houston in your home it’s a sound financial choice. 

You’re not just investing in a different source of energy, but also your children’s future by providing them with the most secure and clean environment to reside in.

Sun-based Energy-Are Solar Panels the future in Dallas?

Solar Energy Source Dallas TX

Solar Panels The Future in Dallas Texas

The need for a renewable energy source

The world of today is confronted with an energy shortage. The utilization of non-renewable sources of energy, like gasoline, coal, and natural gas, is increasing. This is not just affecting the supply of energy resources in the future, but leading to an alarming rate of environmental damage. 

With the depletion of the resources for energy and climate change reaching its highest, it’s important to recognize the urgent need and start investing in alternative sources of energy.

There is no other source in the world that is more plentiful than solar power. The energy that we get through the sun’s rays is among the most useful sources. 

It is not just an unending energy source If utilized correctly, it will result in the most eco-friendly method of producing electricity, or other types of energy that are needed in our daily lives. 

One of the obstacles to harnessing solar energy is harnessing it effectively. The instruments and mechanisms needed to achieve this goal are generally more costly than those utilized for coal or petroleum. 

However, we must remember that over the long term, solar energy is far more economical and beneficial than other forms of energy.

The solar energy of Dallas

Solar energy is certainly accessible to every part of the globe. Certain regions are more efficient in this regard than others. The state of Texas is one of them. Dallas located in Texas has a high standard of the days with plenty of sunshine. Of the 365 days of the year, it is in the sun for 234 days. 

It is therefore a must to invest in a solar-powered panel business located in Dallas is a wise decision. Solar panels are one of the devices that come in useful to capture solar energy, and later transform it into a useful form of energy for our everyday life and household. 

The installation of solar panels in Dallas has become a typical sight. The city has decreased its dependence on renewable energy sources for energy by 25 percent. This is a huge accomplishment.

If you’re planning to start a solar-powered company within Dallas the areas of Plano and Dallas-Fort worth located in North Texas would be the best locations. 

This is due to the fact that aside from the abundant sunlight that is found in these areas as well as the taxation policies of the area can also benefit you tremendously. 

There are a variety of incentive and savings programs within this region that guarantee that you’ll get excellent returns on the investment you make in it. For those who are considering switching their energy source to solar power, this is the perfect moment to do it. 

A solar panel provider located in Dallas is a good investment because the cost for solar panel installation is at the lowest they’ve been in five years. 

This means that you will not only reduce your electric bill, however, but the installation of solar panels will also be substantially less expensive.

How do you choose the most reliable solar panel manufacturer?

There are plenty of choices to select a solar panel provider. But, you need to select carefully. 

There are some things to consider before making your decision. The first need to verify the validity of their electricity permits and whether they’re valid. 

Do some thorough research on the background of the company as well as the type of reviews current customers have of the business. 

Also, be sure that their staff has experience when it comes to installing solar panels on your roof in a safe and secure way and offer warranties on their products. 

If you can verify all of these are met, you can make an informed decision about how to choose a solar panel provider located in Dallas that is a good fit for your requirements and then make the switch from your current method of energy source to solar power, which is definitely an exciting future for energy generation not just in Dallas but across the globe.

New Updates regarding The Texas Clean Energy Project

Texas clean Energy Power Source

Texas Clean Energy Project

One of the biggest challenges for the country is to find alternative sources of renewable and sustainable energy for creating power to power communities and industries. 

The push toward cleaner energy is embraced throughout the country, and Texas is a key player at the forefront with its energy-focused stance and projects such as The Texas Clean Energy Project (TECP).

Received a $450 million grant through the U.S. Department of Energy in 2010. The TECP is the removal of coal-fired smog-generating power plants and replacing them with green and low-carbon innovations that generate Texas electric power

The project is the development of 400-MW coke-fired Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) facility that will be able to capture 90 percent or more of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, or about 3 million tons of CO2 each year.

This is an exciting project that brings together both commercially-proven techniques for the capture of carbon dioxide emissions. 

The captured CO2 will then be used to help enhance the recovery of oil from the WestTexasPermianBasin by compressing and injecting it underground. 

Apart from that the project and its resultant facility will also be able of producing Urea that can be later used to fertilize.

Problems and Problems

Coal is a resource that is used to generate electric power and approximately 45 percent of all electrical power consumed in the united United States was produced by a coal-fired power plant. 

The power generation process that coal is used to generate creates greenhouse gases that harm the environment. 

However, the concrete efforts to cleaner coal have been faced with numerous problems and obstacles, leaving theUnited States trail behind initiatives to clean coal in Germany, China, and Japan.

One of the issues is regulations, like the TECP taking this long time to reach the stage of obtaining permits. 

Another obstacle is investing in clean coal technologies and connecting the latest technological advances in this field from clean-tech companies as well as the Federal government. 

Fortunately, the TECP received a substantial funding boost from the Federal government and major multinational corporations making it the biggest investment ever for clean coal development through government officials in the US government.

Another problem that the TECP could face is the backing it will receive from utilities in addition to Texas electricity companies, especially in their willingness to purchase energy directly from the TECP facility. 

With Texas customers being given the option of choosing different energy sources and options, the TECP could demonstrate to utilities that there’s an opportunity for coal-based power plants that are clean, that are more affordable than the current solar and wind energy sources.

The TECP Gains Momentum

Since when the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality TCEQ issued the final air quality permit for the TECP The project has steadily gained momentum and ground of acceptance by utilities. A recent instance is the 200 MW 25-year power purchase arrangement (PPA) that was signed with the Texas Clean Energy Project and municipally owned natural gas and electric company CPS Energy ofSan Antonio.

This agreement will serve as the precursor to similar agreements to be that are expected to follow within the next few years since utility companies will recognize the significance of including Texas electric power produced from high-carbon coal power stations in their portfolio of energy. The TECP project, created through Summit Power Group in cooperation with Siemens, Fluor Corporation, and Selas Fluid Processing Corporation, is expected to create close to 2000 new jobs. The project is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2014 or early 2015.

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